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  • How long do SANDITS last?
    SANDITS work just like ordinary sandpaper. The grit on SANDITS will rub off faster if used on metal than on softer materials. On some materials, you may only get one or two uses. On other materials you may get many uses
  • What's the difference between the 120/180 and 400/800 SANDITS?
    All sandpaper is rated based on the size of the abrassive particle used. The higher the number, the finer the grit particles and less abrasion delivered. For example, to clean car headlight plastic, girts as fine as 6000 are used to remove haze, but not scratch the lens. 120/180 is considered "medium" grit. While 400/800 is consdered "fine". 120/180 is best for removing rust, corrosian or sanding wood and plastics. 400/800, is better for polishing and smoothing without leaving larger scratch marks.
  • Can SANDITS be reused?
    Yes! Depending on what they've been used for, there may be large or small areas of the tips that can still sand. Rember, that since we use marine-grade epoxy to bind the grit to the stems, not only can they be used in wet applications but you can try washing and rinsing them off and resuing them.
  • Are SANDITS safe for kids to use?
    Absolutley! SANDITS are non-toxic, non-conductive (don't conduct electricity) and have no sharpe edges to cut. SANDTIS are the perfect kid-toool for shaping and sanding small woodworking or hobby projects like model making or build model train layouts.
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