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Have you ever wrapped sandpaper around a screwdriver to reach a corroded battery terminal? Have you ever used a knife to scrape a spot of paint or off a frame or wall? Have you struggled to smooth that little speck of rough wood, plastic or metal? For these reasons and many more, SANDITS are the perfect tool when you need to sand, smooth, remove rust, corrosion and paint from virtually anything. From woodworking to jewelry making, to electrical work- when you need to get to a hard to reach place or you have to have precision in your work, SANDITS makes it easy. Our 120/180 grit or 400/800 grit “sticks” give do-it-yourselfers, home hobbyists and professions a choice in abrasiveness. And our unique wedge-shape designed sticks provide a flat surface for added versatility. SANDITS are non-toxic, waterproof and non-conductive so you can use them virtually anywhere. Just like ordinary sandpaper, use them and just throw them away when all the abrasive is gone form the tip. SANDITS are the solution to so many problems.

Our goal is provide our customers with a safe, versitle, convienient

hand-tool that is reusable and disposable at a low cost. 

“SANDITS- Because the World’s a Rough Place™”

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