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What are SANDITS?

SANDITS are the newest, easiest and most convenient way to sand, polish, smooth, and remove rust, paint, tarnish, or corrosion. SANDITS are disposable, non-toxic and non-conducting. Their unique shapes and flexible plastic stems let's you work in small and difficult to reach spaces where ordinary sandpaper or files can’t. There also the perfect tool when you need precision work to get to that one spot.  And, because we use marine-grade epoxy to secure our grits, SANDITS are great for marine use or in wet applications. SANDITS can be used on wood, metal, plastics - any place where you need sanding, shaping, smoothing or polishing. 

SANDITS come in two basic shapess- "treardrop" and "wedge". We also have 2 basic tip configurations: 120 grit/180 grit one one stick, and 400 grit/800 grit for finer sanding and polishing.


A:   9031 132nd Ave.,

Largo, FL 33773

T:   727-898-0212


MON - FRI:  7am - 5pm EST

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